Everything is brand new. I’m open to sell as a package deal for cheaper. Most of the gear is in Canmore, Alberta.

Contact me on Pierre.carbonneau@hotmail.com

Sac Petzl TRANSPORT (75$)
Black Diamond Raven 75cm w/grip (40$)
Maxim Static Rope (60m) (SOLD)
Yates Porte-Équipement (10$ /ea)

Black Diamond Angle Piton (No.3) (10$)
Trango Footape Adjustable Footloop (1 step) (10$)
Petzl Footape Adjustable Footloop (1 step) (10$)

Wild-Country Daisy Chain (25KN) (5$)

Petzl Spirit Quickdraws x 8 (17cm) (15$/ea, 10$/ea if you buy the lot)
— 2 of them located in Jasper

Next items are all CE0197,

Petzl Jumar (Left AND Right) (50$/ea)
Petzl Etrier 6 steps (25$)
Petzl Croll Chest Ascender (30$)
Petzl Rescue P50 (the big one) (25$)
Petzl Fixe Compact Pulley (smaller one) (15$)
Petzl Tandem (40$)
Petzl Stop (60$)
Petzl Pirana (20$)
Petzl Shaunt (SOLD)
Petzl Pro Traxion x 2 (70$ /ea) — One located in Jasper
Petzl Reverso (SOLD)
Petzl Reversino (10$)
Petzl Ultralegere (SOLD)
Petzl Tibloc (15$) — Located in Jasper

-5 Petzl William Lock (2 Left) – 15$ for both.
-5 Petzl Amd’ Lock (SOLD)
-5 Petzl Owall (SOLD)
-5 Petzl Attache Lock (SOLD)
-5 Petzl OK Lock (SOLD)

Have a good evening,